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Mac Miller

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In an interview with Zane Lowe, Malcolm said "Do you ever feel invincible? I lived a certain life for 10 years and faced almost no real consequences. I had no version of the story that didn't end up with me being fine". He had recently been arrested for crashing his car while under the influence of alcohol. He took this as a wake-up call, but it appears it was too little too late. Perhaps if he had faced

My Muscle Chef: A case study for iterative development

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Agile development is something that has evolved to become a bit of a joke in the software industry, much like an obscure gag amongst friends that evolves over time to the point where the humour is incomprehensible to anyone on the outside. Today, we may find ourselves being handed little laminated cut-outs with clipart of t-shirts on it and being implored to stick it on the wall, playing estimate poker, or writing love letters to team members in a retrospective meeting. In my experience, it seems to be common understanding amongst programmers that the ceremonies associated with Agile err on the side of bizarre, but businesses love it. In my estimation, it’s the idea that they are fostering a collaborative environment. Whether or not it’s just an illusion is another story, but in the age of Blockchain, chatbots, and machine learning, Agile is king.

Converting a WordPress site to a React static site

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The last iteration of this website was a truly insane infinite scrolling carousel that was very overwhelming to anyone who dare behold it, so with this version (which recently had its first birthday) I decided to go with a much more content focused design since I actually wanted to start writing more publicly. There's also something to be said about not confusing people or forcing them into epileptic fits.

Project estimations made easy

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I recently published a post on the Stak Digital engineering blog about our new app Guesstimate and project estimation in general. To read the post, head on over to the post here:

CSS Variables: A Case Study

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In Agander, I made my first forays into colour themes. In a very simple approach, I have two colour schemes (light and dark) which are displayed on the body as a class (scheme-light and scheme-dark) respectively. The general approach for styling a component is as such: _button.scss

CSS Buttons: Solved with Flexbox

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There are two commonly accepted approaches to making buttons with CSS, but both of them are a little bit shit. What if I told you there was another way? (morpheus.wav)