Our God, the painter

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When I look at nature I see a glimpse of the infinite creativity of our Father. Not only did He create every species, down to the seemingly endless variations of trees, brush, mammals, and insects, but He has seen every distinct movement of every creeping thing, down to the blood pulsing through their veins and the fur on their backs swaying in the wind. He has seen the way every single photon cast off from the sun makes contact with the trees, diffusing through their leaves, and touching down on the ground for all of history ad infinitum.

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As I gaze at the sky, He gazes back. He is the light that makes contact with the photoreceptor cells in my eyes to reveal the majesty of creation. And every sunset that splashes across the sky, He has painted thoughtfully on an ever-shifting canvas. Yet to me, every day, in its own way, the sun sets more beautifully than I could possibly imagine. And in my limitation, every day is a mystery.

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