Wisconsin and Georgia: Impropriety or fraud?

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According to the vote pattern analysis performed by the Voter Integrity Project (VIP), out of the 8,954 vote count updates, there were 4 decisive updates that essentially secured the election for Biden. According to VIP these were the "outliers of the outliers".

The analysis alone is not conclusive evidence of fraud, but we have begun to get a clearer picture of the events that took place during the early hours of November 4th - the day after election day - when Biden took significant leads in multiple states. When you combine the statistical anomalies with what I'm about to show you, it tells us without a doubt that there can be zero confidence in the accuracy of the results in these two states.


The now infamous video of the election counters "pulling suitcases out from under tables" takes centre stage in this state. This footage broke and was summarily "debunked" by leadstories, however, their fact check leaves a lot to be desired.

On the suitcase claim they said "The officials said the ballots seen in the video were in regular ballot containers -- not suitcases". Yes, they are in fact regular ballot containers, and in typical deboonker fashion, they opt for playing linguistic games for the purpose of slapping politically motivated fact checks on Facebook posts. They claim this was not in fact illegal ballot counting as the witnesses left of their own volition, however, two of the witnesses signed affidavits saying they were asked to leave as counting had concluded for the night. Also, it's worth noting that the attribution of this fact check has been switched from the "journalist" who wrote it originally to the big man Alan Duke. Alan, was it worth it? Do you feel good about yourself now you gave up your credibility to sell fact checks to Facebook?

Regardless of them disputing the fact this was legal ballot counting, we know for sure they DID count ballots, as we have the footage. According to The Epoch Times they stayed back and counted from 11pm to 1am. Imagine my shock when I found out that corresponds pretty closely with the 1:34am update that the VIP identified as the third most anomalous update in the set. That update had 136,155 votes for Biden, approximately 11x the current margin of victory.


In the early hours of Nov 4th, 2020 (why is it always the early hours when all these oddities occur?), we learned that Claire Woodall-Vogg, the election official in charge of collecting the USB drives from each tabulator managed to forget a USB and leave it at the voting precinct. These USBs contain all the votes for the election unencrypted, and in .csv format...

In her statement about the incident Woodall-Vogg said:

On November 4th, around 3:00am, the City of Milwaukee finished counting absentee ballots, and I began to export the results from Tabulator 7. Tabulator 7 was the last to finish processing ballots and was the only remaining flash drive to be burned. As I burned the flash drive, which can take up to 10 minutes, Milwaukee County Election Commission Director Henry asked that I bring a report for each tabulator regarding the number of ballots processed per precinct.

Woodall-Vogg then processed the reports as requested, and delivered the USB drives to the Election Commission, and she discovered that she had left the USB drive in Tabulator 7! I'm shocked! She continued, "I immediately called Kimberly Zapata, a member of my senior leadership team, who was still present at Central Count and confirmed it was still in the machine". She just admitted that she left the USB drive unattended in a building where poll workers were still working. Immediately apparent, the chain of custody has been broken. There is a reason all paper ballots, after election day must be sealed in bags with special security tags that break if removed. There is no assurance that the USB was not tampered with, and there can be no such assurance without an independent forensic audit of the USB device to determine if the votes had been manipulated (Woodall-Vogg claims the export timestamp is the same, but excuse me for not believing the classic "we investigated ourselves and found no evidence").

The letter continues, "Ms. Zapata gave the flash drive to a Milwaukee Police Department Officer who delivered the flash drive approximately 10 minutes later". Her statement begins at 3:00 and she says 10 minutes twice. Accounting for travel time, that would place the time she recovered the USB at roughly 3:30am (rough approximation). Assuming she went directly to upload the votes, wouldn't you know, that corresponds almost exactly with the anomalous update identified by the VIP at 3:42am where Biden took the lead. See the graph below, and you'll be able to see the update immediately. Hint: It's the part where Biden overcame a 100k Trump lead in a single update.

A graph of the Wisconsin vote count updates that show a dramatic spike for Biden at 3:42am

So, people of Milwaukee, your election officials think you are stupid. They are expecting that you won't be able to draw the connection between this extremely suspicious vote count update, and a KEY election official losing a USB containing votes. This person single-handedly destroyed the integrity of your election. At best, she made an honest mistake and someone took advantage of it to manipulate the votes, and at worst, she was involved and assisted by crafting this story and lying to the public.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden won a record low of 14 counties in Wisconsin while still winning the state. The next closest to him in terms of the lowest number of counties won is Obama in 2012 at 35. Demand a good faith audit now, or the next four years will be a dark cloud over the executive branch.