The downward spiral

Luke Boyle

Is it possible that the Australian government banned Huawei in a deliberate attempt to slow the roll-out of the 5G? Surely they would like to recoup some of the $48.7bn [1] they've invested into the abject failure that is the NBN. All you need to do is look at Telstra's official speed metrics between their supported broadband technologies to see that NBN is a bad service.

Peak SpeedLatency
4G100-300 Mbps50ms
5G1-20 Gbps1-6ms
NBN12-100 Mbpsmay vary

Table data: [2].

Expected median speed in San Francisco (under average load) market is 1.4Gbps with latency of 4.9ms [3]

If it came out that this was the case then I wouldn't be surprised if they were also responsible for the proliferation of 5G conspiracy theories

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