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Justice Clarence Thomas on Big Tech Censorship

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In 2018, then President Donald Trump was sued for blocking users on Twitter. The plaintiffs argued that Trump was violating their first amendment rights by blocking them as they were not able to comment on his posts. The court ruled in the plaintiffs' favour and Trump was ordered to unblock the users. The 2nd circuit court upheld that ruling, setting the precedent that social media is the new public square and elected officials must allow all users to comment on their posts (Rep. Lauren Boebert is currently facing a lawsuit with a similar premise).

Wisconsin and Georgia: Impropriety or fraud?

Posted by Luke Boyle on the

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According to the vote pattern analysis performed by the Voter Integrity Project (VIP), out of the 8,954 vote count updates, there were 4 decisive updates that essentially secured the election for Biden. According to VIP these were the "outliers of the outliers".