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My Muscle Chef: A case study for iterative development

Posted by Luke Boyle on the

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Agile development is something that has evolved to become a bit of a joke in the software industry, much like an obscure gag amongst friends that evolves over time to the point where the humour is incomprehensible to anyone on the outside. Today, we may find ourselves being handed little laminated cut-outs with clipart of t-shirts on it and being implored to stick it on the wall, playing estimate poker, or writing love letters to team members in a retrospective meeting. In my experience, it seems to be common understanding amongst programmers that the ceremonies associated with Agile err on the side of bizarre, but businesses love it. In my estimation, it’s the idea that they are fostering a collaborative environment. Whether or not it’s just an illusion is another story, but in the age of Blockchain, chatbots, and machine learning, Agile is king.