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Automating CSS regression testing with Argus Eyes (PhantomJS)

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I have had my eyes on Argus Eyes ( for quite some time and now I have the time to implement it at work. The interface is rather simple. You define your browser breakpoints, the pages, and the parts of the pages you wish to capture. All components are defined with a name and a selector. For example, ".site-nav" or "body". You define all components in the components array, but then you can cherry pick which ones are used on each page. Such as, homepage may use the hero component, but about may not.

Top 15 Albums of 2016

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Local Storage Manager version 2.1 is out now

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The latest version of local-storage-manager has had the internal interface greatly improved for tidiness and best practice, and now has the new Namespace feature. Traditionally, you would have to store your data like so:

Running Karma tests for Chrome in Travis CI

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A quick-start guide for running Karma tests for Chrome in Travis CI. When you run Travis on a Node.js project, Travis will - by default - run npm install and then npm test. I first ran into the issue in an Angular project that had tests triggered in the prepublish command. My CI build failed and I decided to remove the prepublish hook and change the name of my test script until I had the time to come back. For months I've been avoiding the issue, but I have finally solved it. The Karma docs suggest that you can run the tests in Firefox with the --browsers flag (see Travis has since updated so that Chrome can be loaded into the environment. For this to work, you'll need to make changes to your travis.yml file and your karma config file.

JSX in Vue.JS

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I've recently been experimenting with using jsx in Vue, the Vue jsx plugin for babel and using that instead of the standard template pattern. Since there are really not any official docs for the plugin, I'm going to run through a quick usage guide.

React Material-UI touch events not firing

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After much frustration with this issue, I found this section in the react material-ui documentation - React-Tap-Event-Plugin. The custom components like the select field don't work well with the traditional onClick listener, so as a temporary fix, the react-tap-event-plugin must be included in your react project. The dependency is supposedly a temporary fix. See the repo here:

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