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Project estimations made easy

Posted by Luke Boyle on the

I recently published a post on the Stak Digital engineering blog about our new app Guesstimate and project estimation in general. To read the post, head on over to the post here:

CSS Variables: A Case Study

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In Agander, I made my first forays into colour themes. In a very simple approach, I have two colour schemes (light and dark) which are displayed on the body as a class (scheme-light and scheme-dark) respectively. The general approach for styling a component is as such: _button.scss

CSS Buttons: Solved with Flexbox

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There are two commonly accepted approaches to making buttons with CSS, but both of them are a little bit shit. What if I told you there was another way? (morpheus.wav)

Functional Form Validation in JavaScript (aka: Inheriting bad JavaScript)

Posted by Luke Boyle on the

I was recently given the job of rebuilding a particularly bad landing page from an external company. Apart from class names, styles and markup being all over the place, there was a particularly obnoxious form validation script sitting in the middle of the page. An excerpt of the script can be seen below, and this documents the process I took when reviving the JS side of things.